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A person who is mentally ill or a person who is suffering from substance abuse may be admitted and detained at a facility for observation, diagnosis and treatment for a period not to exceed fifteen days under an emergency certificate.


A person suffering from substance abuse may be detained at a treatment facility for one additional period, not to exceed fifteen days, provided that a second emergency certificate is executed.

Upon admission of any person by emergency certificate to a treatment facility, the director of the treatment facility shall immediately notify the coroner of the parish in which the treatment facility is located of the admission. Within seventy-two hours of admission, the person shall be independently examined by the coroner or his deputy who shall execute an emergency certificate, which shall be a necessary precondition to the person's continued confinement.

If, from his examination, the coroner concludes that the person is not a proper subject for emergency admission, then the person shall not be further detained in the treatment facility and shall be discharged by the director.

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